Since last year, I’ve served as commissioner for ANC 6C06. In my time on the commission, I've worked to make our NoMa and Near Northeast community safer, stronger and more equitable--with a particular focus on safe streets and affordable housing for people at all income levels.


I've worked with neighbors on noise complaints, access to paid family leave, zoning issues and licenses for new restaurants and bars, and helped make requests to repave alleys, repair speed bumps and fix broken infrastructure. Before getting elected to serve on the ANC, I served as the chair of ANC6C’s Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee.

I'm honored by the privilege of getting to represent you, and I'm asking for your support as I seek another term.

Thank you for everything you do to make this community a better place. I'm grateful to have you as my neighbor.



 What's an ANC?


Safe Streets


I've worked hard to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists in our community. We've seen the devastating impact of traffic collisions in recent years, and we need to build a system that allows all people to move around our neighborhood safely.


In the time I’ve served on the commission I’ve pushed for safer streets, including efforts to repair the dangerous sidewalks on Florida Ave and 6th Street NE. I’ve helped get bike infrastructure like the new

BikeShare station at First and K. I've supported the implementation of DDOT's Slow Streets program to giver walkers, runners and cyclists more room to spread out, especially during the COVID pandemic. And I’ve worked against plans to build the largest, most expensive parking garage on the east coast at Union Station that would put more cars on our streets instead of investing in sustainable, equitable public transportation options.

Improved Public Spaces

Our neighborhood has seen dramatic growth in recent years--and that trend is likely to continue into the future. We need to work now to support the underlying infrastructure that will allow NoMa and Near Northeast to build strong communities, and we need to make sure the DC government is focused on making that happen.

I've helped community members plug into decisions regarding new open space in NoMa. And advocated for parks, libraries and other resources that meet the needs of every member of our community--young families, teenagers, adults and seniors alike.


A Community for Everyone

Making the District a fairer place has got to be a top priority of our government.

Earlier this year, I sponsored a resolution that put our ANC on the record in support of the movement for Black lives and DC Council legislation to increase transparency, accountability and oversight for MPD. I testified before the Council in support of robust, transparent vote-by-mail and safe, convenient in-person voting as we head into an election while facing the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19.

I’ve also fought for affordable, dignified housing for all members of our community. There's nowhere DC's housing crisis is more visible than right here in NoMa. I've testified before the Council in support of more, better shelters as well as the kinds of housing programs that will help people experiencing homelessness transition into safe, stable homes. And I’ve pushed for the redevelopment of the DC Housing Authority building in NoMa to include dedicated units for individuals at 0-30% of area median income—the most vulnerable members of our community.


About ANC 6C06

An Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) is a non-partisan, neighborhood body made up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. They are a unique feature of the District’s Home Rule Charter.

ANC 6C06 is the home to more residents than any other in the District of Columbia and includes much of NoMa and Near Northeast, stretching from the corner of H Street and North Capitol, up to Dave Thomas Circle and over to Florida and 8th Street NE.

Although ANCs don't have much formal power, District agencies are required to give "great weight" to their recommendations.

Essentially, ANCs are the "squeaky wheels" of DC neighborhoods--they focus attention on issues important to the community and they advocate for neighbors who aren't getting the help they deserve from the District government.


About Drew

Originally from Western New York, I moved to DC more than 20 years ago to attend Georgetown University where I majored in English and Theology. Other than two years teaching writing to middle schoolers in rural Arkansas, I’ve been here ever since.

When I’m not working with our ANC, I’ve spent most of my career as a communications professional working on a range of progressive issues at the intersection of law and politics, with a focus on fighting for federal judges who value equality and justice for all and who understand the impact of the law on all people.

In my spare time, I make pottery at District Clay Center, which I enjoy despite a notable lack of talent. I live with my husband, Nick, and our dog, Renly. I have four nieces and two nephews, all of whom are gifted.

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Contact Me

I'm sorry I can't knock on your door to introduce myself, but I love getting to know new neighbors and I'm happy to chat by phone or over Zoom.

You can give me a call at 202-556-3124 or email me at drewcourtney.anc@gmail.com. I'm also on Twitter @DrewCourt_6c06, where I post about neighborhood news and resources.

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